Vaccinations and Demonstrations in Victoria

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88,400 people in Victoria had a vaccination shot recorded on 20 September 2021.

Just a day later, about 2,000 construction industry workers, and others, demonstrated against having to be vaccinated so they can go to work and possibly spread any virus they have.

During this demonstration they damaged various vehicles and caused injury to a number of police officers.

Congratulations must be given to the majority of people who do choose to get vaccinated.

6,521,572 vaccinations have now been carried out in Victoria.

Police, the Victorian Premier and the union representing Victoria’s nurses are among those who have condemned violent protests that took place across Melbourne yesterday.

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SYDNEY/MELBOURNE, Sept 21 (Reuters) – Police in Melbourne fired pepper balls and rubber pellets on Tuesday to disperse about 2,000 protesters who defied stay-at- home orders to damage property, block a busy freeway and injure three officers, leading to more than 60 arrests.

This followed demonstrations on Saturday detailed in this report: Victoria police arrested 235 protesters and three officers remained in hospital on Saturday evening following violent anti-lockdown demonstrations in Melbourne’s inner city.

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