Visa Extensions or Refunds due to COVID-19

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Refund or Extension for unused Visas?.

The Australian government has announced that they will offer Visa Application Charge (VAC) refunds, waivers or visa extensions to some visa holders who have been unable to travel to Australia due to COVID-19.

This might be very relevant to some holders of the subclass 300 and 309 visas.

If the applicants had their visa granted but were unable to travel, within the normal allowed time period, it would be good if an extension can be given so that the visa can be used once the borders open.

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Alternatively, a refund given, if the applicant so chooses.

Updated: 10 December 2020

On 10 December 2020, regulations were made extending the visa validity period to 31 March 2022 for certain Prospective Marriage visa holders who are outside Australia and who held a Prospective Marriage visa at any time between 6 October 2020 and 10 December 2020.

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Individual visa holders will be directly notified by the Department.

If you received an extension to your visa validity period, but you have not travelled to Australia as a holder of this visa, you may become eligible to request a refund of the Visa Application Charge (VAC) paid.

We are currently working to finalise arrangements around how VAC refunds will be managed, with refunds expected to be available by late February 2021.

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The information we give is based on personal experiences, reading and formulation of available statistics.
Some Visa Applicants might find an Experienced Australian Migration Agent of great assistance.

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