What age can a Child start work in Australia?

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What is the youngest age a child must be to get a job in Australia?.

The minimum age for a child starting work in Australia varies depending on the State.

Generally if you’re under 15 there are limits to the type of work you can do and how many hours you can work.

What age can a Child Start work in New South Wales.

In NSW there is no minimum legal age limit for starting work. Many teenagers start a part-time or casual job while still at school. youngpeopleatwork.nsw.gov.au

What age can a Child Start work in Queensland.

In Queensland you can start working if you are 13 or older.

What age can a Child Start work in Victoria.

In Victoria you have to be 15 or older before you can start work, although if you are under 15 years of age, you may work in some limited circumstances.

What age can a Child Start work in the Northern Territory.

A child under 15 you can’t work between 10pm and 6am.

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More details at: www.fairwork.gov.au

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