Which Processing Centre for Offshore Visas

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Which Processing centre are Offshore Partner visas Granted?

Just out of curiosity…

I thought that the processing centre is only in Australia? I see that everyone’s applications are being processed in different countries and not in Australia or their home country. How does it work? Will it show on the immi account where your application is being processed? We will be applying for his visa from Cape Town, South Africa. Do you know where it will be processed? We are not using an agent.



The Australian High Commission in Pretoria handles most visa applications for people living in:
Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, eSwatini (formerly Swaziland).

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Sometimes, when an office is understaffed, some visas are processed in other parts of the world. For example, Berlin has done quite a few for people in the UK recently.

As an example of how it can work, for some people:
A South African national living in Manila, would normally have the application processed in Manila, but contact with Pretoria would also almost certainly be required during the process.

Very few offshore visas are issued in Australia.

Melbourne issued under 5.
Perth issued under 10.
Brisbane issued about 660.
That was out of about 11,000 subclass 309s granted in 2020.

You can see the different processing offices, and numbers of visa grants made at each one at: abcdiamond.com.au/subclass-309-visa-grant-statistics-in-2020

Most correspondence will come from the centre that is doing the processing, although not every applicant receives correspondence, so may not get anything until the final grant.

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The information we give is based on personal experiences, reading and formulation of available statistics.
Some Visa Applicants might find an Experienced Australian Migration Agent of great assistance. - ai16

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