Partner Visa Subclass 309

Subclass 309 Partner (Provisional) visa.

The subclass 309 Partner Visa for Australia is the first stage of the Offshore Partner Visa, for the partner of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to be able to live in Australia, with their partner.

It is issued to applicants who are OUTSIDE Australia at the time of Application.

Once granted, the overseas partner is permitted to arrive in Australia as a Provisional Partner Visa holder.

This Temporary visa is granted first and lets you remain in Australia while the Permanent Partner visa (subclass 100) is processed.

24 months after they first applied for the subclass 309 Partner Visa, they can submit further documentation, with stage 2 of the application (at no extra charge), to effectively apply to become a Permanent Resident, based on their ongoing relationship.  (How To Apply for 2nd Stage Partner Visa)

Processing times can vary based on many factors, including how well the application is prepared, and the time it takes for various checks to be done in the applicants own country.

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