Why does an Australian Partner Visa cost over $7,000?

What does the $7,000+ Australian Partner Visa Fee get you?.

Many people complain about the cost of a Partner Visa in Australia, and after all at just over $7,000, it isn’t cheap.  It must be one of the most expensive in the world.

Update 2022/23: It is now $8,085.

It has been said that the time an Immigration officer spends on each case is only about 5 hours, so the charge is about $1,400 per hour.  A highly profitable business?

Q: Is it really as simple as that?

A: Maybe not.

What other benefit does a recipient of a Partner Visa get in Australia?

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1: They get to live in Australia.
2: They get free Medical care.
3: They get free English Lessons. (510 hours)

Not really free though, as they paid for it in that $7,000+ visa cost.

4: They get subsidised education.

I saw one TAFE course that was  $6,820 for Full fee, but subsidised to $600 for a person on a permanent spouse visa.

5: There maybe more advantages.

With 50,000 to 60,000 applicants per year, many people must feel it is well worth it.

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