2024 Queensland Electricity Rebate.

Queensland $1,000 Electric Bill Rebate.

The Queensland government has announced that all Queensland households will receive a $1,000 rebate on their electricity bills from July 2024.

This replaces the $550 electricity rebate that was paid to households in the 2023/24 financial year.

Eligible seniors, pensioners and concession card holders will … Read the rest

Woolworths Return on Equity.

Woolworths Return on Equity in 2023 was 25.7%

This is a reduction from the 28.1% in 2022.

Woolworths Net Profit Margin in 2023 was 2.6%, down from the 2.8% in 2022.

According to www.intelligentinvestor.com.au

Full financial reports for Woolworths can be seen at: https://www.woolworthsgroup.com.au/au/en/investors/our-performance/reports.html

Australia Post Delivery Times 2024.

Australia Post Delivery Times have changed in 2024.

From 15 April 2024, most Regular letters will now only be delivered every second business day.

Estimated delivery timeframes for regular and priority letters have now changed.

The important news, for most “Regular letters”, is that they will now only be delivered … Read the rest

Working Holiday Makers Tax Rates 2024-25.

Working Holiday Makers Tax Rates 2024-25.

The tax rates for Working Holiday Maker visa holders, for the year starting from 1 July 2024, are shown below.

They apply for visa subclasses 417, 462 and 408.

These visa holders do NOT have a tax free threshold.

Taxable Income and Tax Rates … Read the rest