Fast track PR for Temporary Visa Holders from India?

Australia-India business body says permanent residency for onshore temporary residents from India must be fast-tracked.

The Department of Home Affairs has confirmed that there are over 16,900 temporary visa holders in the skilled category, and over 2,300 in other employment categories, from India inside Australia as at April 2021.

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June 2021 Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List update

Update to the PMSOL from 22 June 2021.

22 new occupations have been added to the Immigration departments Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List.

This takes the total up to 41 occupations.

Priority processing of nomination and visa applications for PMSOL occupations applies to these employer sponsored visa subclasses:

  • Temporary Skill
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Budget 2021 – Centrelink 4 Year Wait Period.

The waiting period for many Centrelink Benefits will be increased to 4 years for new migrants who are granted a Permanent, or relevant Temporary, visa from 1st January 2022.

Some of these benefits currently have 1 or 2 year waiting periods.

Budget 2021 – Benefits for New Migrants

Four Year Benefits wait for New Migrants.

Australian Budget 2021.

Currently there is a four-year waiting period for some government payments, such as the jobseeker unemployment benefit and youth allowance.

From January 2022, that four-year waiting period will be extended to cover more government benefits, such as family tax benefit, … Read the rest

What is an Australian Resident Return visa?

A Resident Return visa allows a Resident the ability to return to Australia.

A Resident Return visa (subclass 155 or 157) is a travel facility that is attached to a Permanent Resident visa in Australia, for residents who wish to travel overseas.

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Australian Permanent Resident Travel Facility.

The RRV Travel Facility.

When you are first granted a permanent resident visa, you are usually permitted a 5-year travel facility.

After 5 years, that travel facility expires, and if you wish to travel overseas, and return to Australia, you will need to apply for and be granted either:… Read the rest

Skilled Permanent Visa Arrivals 2019-2021

Australian Permanent Skilled Visa Arrivals.

Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed in Australia, the numbers of people actually arriving in the country has dropped dramatically.

The Australian Government began to place travel restrictions on those travelling to Australia from 1st February 2020.

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