How To Apply for 2nd Stage Partner Visa

Applying for the Second Stage of a Partner Visa.

Once the initial stage of a Partner Visa application has been granted, either the 820 (Onshore) or 309 (Offshore), the next stage will be the application for the Permanent Visa, the the 801 (Onshore) or 100 (Offshore).

This can be done 24 months after the initial Provisional/Temporary Visa (820/309) was applied for.

eg: If you applied for the 820 or 309, on the 15th July 2017, then you become eligible to apply for the 801 or 100, on the 15th July 2019. You can actually begin one month before that date, but it probably won’t get looked at until the actual eligibility date.

There is some confusion on how to apply for the second stage. It isn’t just a case of submitting more relationship evidence to the original application.

You can be outside Australia, or in Australia, when you submit the 2nd stage Permanent Visa (801 or 100) application.

You need to create a NEW application in the applicants online IMMIaccount.

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You will see something like this in your IMMIaccount.


You will need to select the option marked “Stage 2 – Permanent Partner Visa Assessment (100,801), and proceed from there.

The 2nd Stage of the Partner Visa (100 or 801) is, in many ways, very similar to the first stage (309 or 820). You need to show you are STILL in a continuing relationship with your sponsor, and fill in very similar sections to the first stage submission relating to the main headings; Finances, Household, Commitment and Social matters. This is done online in the same format as the first stage.

It is also important to upload a Statutory Declaration by the Sponsor, together with that Sponsors ID; either the personal details page of their most recent passport (showing their signature), or their Australian driver’s licence.

The Sponsors Declaration form can be downloaded from…/stat_dec_sponsor.pdf

This is an example of the subclass 100 page relating to this:

More details at:

Onshore 820/801:…/permanent-801#HowTo

Offshore 309/100:…/migrant-100#HowTo


What proofs do you need for the Second Stage Partner Visa?

You will need another two witnessed Form 888s. These can be done by the same people as the 309/820, or different people. And you need to prove that your relationship with the sponsor is still continuing. More joint bank statements, travel tickets for both of you together, hotel bookings, photos of both of you at landmarks etc., during joint trips, at family events.  Anything you can think of.

But, combine as many things together in each upload file, to keep the total number of uploads down. 

After your first submission of 801 documents, about 24 months after the first stage is applied for (not granted, but applied for), it can be worth doing an upload every month or two, depending what proofs you have available.  This keeps them reminded that your relationship is still ongoing.


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