Review: Frozen Mash Potato

Are Frozen Mashed Potatoes any good?.

I have my favourite potato peeler, and it has seen a  lot of use over the years.

I have also been quite proud of my mashed potato, it almost always comes out pretty good, but peeling, steaming, and then mashing does take some time.

Not long ago I saw some frozen mashed potato in my daughters freezer, and began to wonder how good it actually is, as I know she liked mine.

So I did it, I bit the bullet, and I bought a pack of Bell Farms Frozen Mash Potato 1kg, from Woolworths at $3.50 for 1kg pack.

It is 86% Potatoes, with the rest being, Milk, Butter, Salt, White Pepper and  Emulsifier (471).

The amount of potato (86%) is probably about the same as fresh potatoes after peeling them.

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The cooking process though is much easier:

  • 2 minutes on high in the microwave,
  • then rub a fork through the potato blocks to create mash (about 30 seconds),
  • then back in for another 2 minutes. 
  • Add some more salt, milk and butter if you need it, and it’s table ready.

The potato in the pack comes in chunks, with each chunk being about 15 grams, so very easy to get the right portion size.

Bell Farms Frozen Mash Pieces

I use about 150 grams for my serving, and my wife has 100 grams, so 250 grams for two people (16 pieces) , and so we get 4 meals from a 1kg pack.

You can only buy this particular brand at Woolworths, as the Bell Farms label is a Woolworths owned brand.

Is Frozen Mash cost effective?.

I used to waste fresh potatoes, as some would go off before I used them, as I bought them in 4 kg bags. I am not sure how much I actually did waste, but it was noticeable.

The 4 kg bags of fresh potatoes worked out at about $1.50 per kg, but if buying just one kg, the price is $3.50 per kg, the same price as the frozen option.

Cost of Potatoes (including frozen mash) at Woolworths today (13th July 2019)

Potato Prices 2019


Frozen Mash Potato Options.

Bell Farms Frozen Mash Potato 1kg.

Bell Farms Frozen Mash Potato
$3.50 / 1KG

Cost per kg =$3.50

Potatoes (86%), Milk, Butter, Salt, White Pepper, Emulsifier (471).

Compared to:

Birds Eye Steam Fresh Potato Mash With Butter 400g.

$ 4.20 for 400g pack.

Cost per kg = $10.50 / 1KG

McCain Frozen Mashed Potato 1kg.

$ 5 .00 for 1kg pack

Cost per kg = $5.00

How Easy is it to use Frozen Mashed Potato?.

Nine pieces of Frozen Mash. Some might use less, others more.

In the Microwave for 2 minutes:

Then a quick stir through with a Fork:

Then back in the Microwave for another 2 minutes:

Add the Butter, Milk, Salt and Pepper, and a quick stir again.


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