Front Load Visa Applications or NOT?

Should we Front Load a Decision Ready Application or not?.

First let’s define a Front Loaded Application..

The Visa application, to be classed as “Front Loaded” or “Decision Ready”, must have everything required included in the initial application.

Some people prefer to upload most things, but wait to be asked for some other things that might expire after 12 months.

I personally chose to do a Decision Ready Application for each visa, the 300, the 820 and then the 801. Each one was granted within the 12 months.

However, I was still not sure how beneficial it was, or just good fortune.

Today I was checking some grants, and saw something that grabbed my attention.

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From 36, subclass 309, visa grants in 2018/19 which were all processed between 15 and 35 months, I found:

    • The fastest 6 grants took 20 months or less, and every one of them was front loaded. They did not receive a section 56 Request for further information.
    • The slowest 6 grants took 33 months or more, and 5 of them did receive a s56 Request for Further Information (84%).
    • From those in the middle, 16% did not get asked for a RFI, while 84% were asked for more information.

It seems that submitting a Decision Ready Application does give a better chance of a faster decision.

Out of those 36 grants

    • 75% took 31 Months or under
    • 90% took 33 Months or under
    • 50% took 25 Months or under
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The information we give is based on personal experiences, reading and formulation of available statistics.
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