Australian Jobs: 280 Vacancies but 8,000 Applicants

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How Easy is it to Get a Job in Australia?.

Some people say that getting a job is quite easy in Australia, but some others say it is very hard.  Which ones are correct?

The simple answer is:  BOTH.  Some find it easy, some find it very hard, and some find it impossible.

If you are skilled in a profession or trade where there are not enough skilled people, then getting a job can be quite easy.  Some companies will even pay removal costs and high bonuses to get you to work for them.


Not everyone is that lucky.

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Costco opened a new store in Ipswich recently, and created 280 new jobs for the area.   Great excitement for many people.  More chances to get a job.

There were 12,400 unemployed in that area in January 2019.  Costco received over 8,000 job applications for those positions, according to a statement by a Costco manager.

The BEST 280 people got the available jobs.

For every 1 person that got a job, 27 people did not.

Using that sort of job application result:

    • 280 people might say that getting a job is easy.
    • 7,720 might say that getting a job is NOT easy.


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