Partner Visa Sponsor Police Check.

Changes to the Police Check for Partner Visa Sponsors.

In 2016 the Migrations Regulations Act was amended to require all Australian sponsors of partner visas to provide a police certificate.

This amendment allows the Department to share the sponsor’s relevant offences with the applicant, so they can decide whether to continue with the visa application process.

It also allows the government to refuse to approve the sponsorship for people with serious and violent criminal pasts.

This would mean that the visa application would no longer proceed, and the applicant would lose their almost $8,000 application fee.

In 2018 it was planned to require the sponsor to be approved, at a cost of around $450, before the applicant submits their application, at that cost of nearly $8,000.

Enacting this could save some applicants a lot of money, if their sponsor proves to have an unsuitable, and undeclared, criminal record.

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