5 Year Wait Between Partner Visa Applications

Five Year Wait Between Separate Partner Visa Applications.

A sponsor for a Partner Visa cannot sponsor more than 2 partners in a lifetime, and each must be at least 5 years apart.

Some people find the information on this to be confusing, especially those who are not on partner visas, but think it applies to their partner on a visa such as a skilled visa. This particular rule only applies to Partner Visa subclasses.  Even though a skilled visa applicant adds their spouse to their skilled visa, this is not classed as sponsoring a partner visa.

The exact wording on the Limitations for sponsorship, shown at homeaffairs.gov.au/…/30partnersand detailed below, specifies ONLY Partner and Prospective Marriage visas. ie: subclass 300, 820/801 and 309/100 visas.

A sponsor who has previously sponsored a partner or prospective marriage visa applicant cannot sponsor another partner or prospective marriage visa applicant until at least five years have passed since the first application was made.

A person who themselves were granted a partner or prospective marriage visa is also prevented from sponsoring a partner or prospective marriage visa applicant until at least five years have passed since they made their own visa application.

A person may sponsor two partner or prospective marriage visa applicants in total.

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The sponsorship limitations referred to above may be waived if the sponsor has compelling circumstances affecting them. These include but are not limited to situations where:

    • the previous fiancé or partner has died or left the relationship, leaving young children
    • a new relationship is formed that is long-standing or involves dependent children of the relationship.
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