De-Facto 12 month Relationship for Partner Visa.

The 12 month relationship rules for Partner visas.

It is commonly known that a de-facto partner visa applicant must normally prove a committed relationship, for a period of least 12 months before the application is submitted.

It is also well known that a partner visa application often takes over 12 months to process, with many people asking why it takes so long.

A request from immigration, (shown below)  asking for relationship proof for the 12 months AFTER lodgement, has opened a question on this.

Prove 12 Months Relationship after Lodging Defacto Partner Visa

Why do defacto applicants need to prove their relationship for the 12 months AFTER lodgement,  as well as the 12 months before lodgement.

Does this also mean that all these applications cannot be finalised until at least 12 months after lodgement?

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From personal experience, we continued to submit regular proofs of relationship every month or so after submitting our 820 application.

Those applicants who do the same, will probably not get a request (RFI) to supply further relationship proofs in the same way as the above.


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