Registered Relationships in Victoria

Register a Relationship in Victoria.

You can apply to register a domestic relationship in Victoria if you are a couple, both at least 18 years old and at least one can provide evidence of living in Victoria.

Both of you need to take part in registering the relationship:

  • Partner 1
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Registered Relationships in South Australia

South Australian Couples, of either Sex, can Register a Relationship in their State.

You can register your relationship in South Australia, if you are :

  • both 18 years of age or older, and
  • are in a relationship with another person as a couple, irrespective of their sex or gender identity,
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Partner Visa De Facto Relationship 12 Months

De Facto Relationship 12 months rule for Partner Visa.

An applicant for a Partner Visa that is not married, must generally show that they have been in a De Facto Relationship 12 months, at the time of application.

However, sometimes there are ways to still apply, even if the De … Read the rest

De-Facto 12 month Relationship for Partner Visa.

The 12 month relationship rules for Partner visas.

It is commonly known that a de-facto partner visa applicant must normally prove a committed relationship, for a period of least 12 months before the application is submitted.

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DeFacto or Engaged for Partner Visa

An applicant for a partner visa to Australia has to select their relationship status from a few options.

If the applicant is married, it is simple; just select “Married”.

However,  for those couples that are not married,  some are undecided about choosing between defacto or engaged.

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Registered Relationship Issues in Australia

How Does a Registered Relationship affect Partners?.

Some couples who live together in Australia, but who choose not to get married, might Register their relationship with their local State Government.  This is common with some couples who are applying for a Partner Visa for one of them to stay permanently … Read the rest

Relationship Period for De Facto Relationship

How Long is the Relationship Period for a De Facto Relationship?.

The recognised Relationship Period for a De Facto Relationship might vary depending on the Government body that is assessing your relationship.

This can be from the date you moved in together, or one or even two years from that … Read the rest

Cost of Registered Relationships in Australia

Cost to Register a Relationship in Australia.

The cost to register a relationship varies in each Australian State, as these fees are set by State Governments.

Cost to register a relationship in New South Wales.

It currently costs $223 to register a Relationship in New South Wales.  This fee includes … Read the rest

What is a De Facto Relationship for Immigration

What is a de facto relationship for Immigration?.

Some Australian visa applicants are not aware of the meaning of a de facto relationship, as their country does not have anything similar. They are either married or single.

In Australia, a de facto relationship is the term for a relationship of … Read the rest

What is a De facto Relationship

What is a De facto relationship ?.

A simple answer to this might be that a De facto relationship is effectively a married couple but without the legal paperwork.

The basic Australian laws defining a De facto relationship are outlined as two people, who may be of the same or … Read the rest