DeFacto or Engaged for Partner Visa

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An applicant for a partner visa to Australia has to select their relationship status from a few options.

If the applicant is married, it is simple; just select “Married”.

However,  for those couples that are not married,  some are undecided about choosing between defacto or engaged.

De-facto, de facto or defacto is not a recognised term in some languages, and consequently some partner visa applicants might choose engaged, even when living together as a defacto couple.

De facto means living as partners in the same way as a married couple, but not legally married.

Engaged means planning to become partners at some stage in the future.

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De facto would seem to be the better option to choose, for unmarried couples, in the relationship section for a partner visa.


The PMV (subclass 300) is the normal visa for those that are only engaged, and NOT married.


Is it De-facto, de facto or defacto?.

De facto is the normal form of writing this term.

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