DeFacto or Engaged for Partner Visa

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An applicant for a partner visa to Australia has to select their relationship status from a few options.

If the applicant is married, it is simple; just select “Married”.

However,  for those couples that are not married,  some are undecided about choosing between defacto or engaged.

De-facto, de facto or defacto is not a recognised term in some languages, and consequently some partner visa applicants might choose engaged, even when living together as a defacto couple.

De facto means living as partners in the same way as a married couple, but not legally married.

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Engaged means planning to become partners at some stage in the future.

De facto would seem to be the better option to choose, for unmarried couples, in the relationship section for a partner visa.


The PMV (subclass 300) is the normal visa for those that are only engaged, and NOT married.


Is it De-facto, de facto or defacto?.

De facto is the normal form of writing this term.

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