Queensland closing Borders to NSW

People from New South Wales and the ACT are joining those from Victoria to be blocked from entering Queensland.

Anyone who has visited NSW or the ACT will be barred from entering Queensland from Saturday 8th August 2020.

The Queensland premier has made this decision partially due to the number of people who have breached the state’s border requirements, by lying to authorities about their whereabouts.

The decision comes after one more case of COVID-19 was announced on 5th August.

Queensland now has 11 active cases. 5 of the active cases are in hospital, but none currently in ICU.  There have been 1,088 total cases found from the 595,000 tests carried out.

Media Release

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

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Queensland border closed.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced the border with New South Wales will close.

As of 1am, Saturday August 8, all visitors will be denied entry except for rare exemptions, and returning Queenslanders will have to pay for 14 days mandatory hotel quarantine.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer has declared all of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory as hotspots.

The Premier said the hard border closure put Queenslanders first.

“I said that when the moment came, I would not hesitate,” the Premier said.

“That moment has arrived.

Victoria hasn’t improved as we hoped and I won’t wait for New South Wales to get any worse.

“I will not risk our state’s economic recovery by allowing COVID to spread. I will do everything I can to protect Queenslanders and the economy.”

Only residents of border communities and essential workers, such as truck drivers, will be able to cross the border.

Exemptions – including for compassionate reasons – will be limited. Passes for border communities will be for those with proof of address and photo ID.

The Premier said providing notice gave people time to plan.

Deputy Premier and Health Minister Steven Miles said recent examples showed a blatant disregard for the law.

“The selfish and reckless actions of a few people are putting the safety of our community at risk and threatening to undo all of the good work of Queenslanders so far,” Mr Miles said.

“I urge Queenslanders not to travel interstate; the risks are too great. Stay in Queensland and stay safe.”

The Premier said the border closure would be reviewed at the end of the month.


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