Solomon Islands switch to China.

In 2019 the Solomon Islands signed agreements with China.

In September 2019, Manasseh Sogavare, the prime minister of the Solomon Islands announced Honiara would end its 36-year relationship with Taiwan, and officially recognise Beijing.

A few weeks later, after Sogavare had received a warm welcome in Beijing, he returned to … Read the rest

Prime Minister Banned from Entering Russia

Scott Morrison banned from Russia.

The Prime Minister and another 227 Australian Politicians and others have been named on an entry ban list released by Russia’s Foreign Ministry in direct response to recent sanctions Mr Morrison imposed on Russian nationals.

The statement from the Kremlin included: “This step was Read the rest

Australians Uprising against Border Closures?

Are Australians really against border closures?

A recent news report says:
“despite the clear uprising, you have premiers refusing to lift the restrictions – even when vaccination rates hit that 80 per cent figure.”

But, another report raises doubt on the “clear uprising” that the above report mentions, with this … Read the rest