Australians Uprising against Border Closures?

Are Australians really against border closures?

A recent news report says:
“despite the clear uprising, you have premiers refusing to lift the restrictions – even when vaccination rates hit that 80 per cent figure.”

But, another report raises doubt on the “clear uprising” that the above report mentions, with this … Read the rest

Travel to Australia could be dramatically cut

How long will Australia keep borders open to some overseas arrivals?

The Queensland government has said that travel to Australia should be ‘dramatically’ cut due to COVID.

The Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, is quoted as saying: “We need a massive reduction in overseas arrivals because the overseas arrivals are Read the rest

Travel loophole to Australia from India slammed shut

After the direct flights from India to Australia were suspended, the indirect flights have also now been suspended.

A Qatar Airways spokesperson has confirmed that they are not currently selling tickets from India to Australia via Qatar and are not carrying passengers on this route.

The change came into effect … Read the rest

Australia suspends all passenger flights from India

The decision of the meeting of the Australian Cabinet’s national security committee on 27th April 2021, was to suspend all direct passenger flights from India.

The reasoning is based on the spike in Covid-19 cases in India, and the numbers arriving in Australia from India.

The suspension is to remain … Read the rest

India may face Total Travel ban to Australia

On 27th April 2021, the Australian National Security Committee of Cabinet will discuss temporarily halting all repatriation flights out of India.

This follows the 30% reduction in flights from India, that was brought into effect last week.

Countries such as the UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Italy, and Singapore have already … Read the rest

Australia Reducing International Arrival Numbers

The Australian Prime Minister has announced new rules for international arrivals, from January 2021.

Mr Morrison said there will be reduced caps on international travellers entering Australia.

The revised number of permitted arrivals per week are:

  • NSW – 1,505 arrivals
  • Western Australia – 512 arrivals
  • Queensland – 500 arrivals
  • Victoria
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Australians now Reunited with Families.

WA opens its borders to Australia.

Hundreds, even thousands, of Australians living in the Eastern states of Australia, are now reuniting with their families in West Australia.

After 222 days, the border between WA and the rest of Australia was opened, and people could return home at last.

By 11am … Read the rest

Queensland Border Pass Changes from 10 November 2020

More Changes to the entry requirements into Queensland.

An improved border pass system to streamline the process of entering Queensland will be introduced from Tuesday 10 November 2020.

With Queensland border restrictions on COVID-19 hotspots of Greater Sydney and Victoria remaining in place, all travellers to Queensland are reminded to … Read the rest