Australians Uprising against Border Closures?

Are Australians really against border closures?

A recent news report says:
“despite the clear uprising, you have premiers refusing to lift the restrictions – even when vaccination rates hit that 80 per cent figure.”

But, another report raises doubt on the “clear uprising” that the above report mentions, with this statement:
“According to a public health survey, about 94 per cent of South Australians “support or strongly support current restrictions”.”

Is the “clear uprising”, being referred to in one report, those violent demonstration against vaccinations by a couple of thousand protesters, while a few hundred thousand peacefully went ahead with getting their vaccinations.

In May 2020, a survey in Queensland found 63% in favour of border closures.

In January 2021, a Roy Morgan survey found that 72% of Australians say mask wearing should be compulsory, and 68% don’t want State borders to be completely open.

Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, was re-elected recently with her “Close the Borders Quickly Policy”. The opposition wanted to open the borders.

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How can that be a clear uprising AGAINST Border Closures or restrictions?

Or does the violent minority decide what reporters think Australians are thinking?

Is this a case of reporters creating the news, rather than reporting on what is really happening?

We have a minority of protesters being called a clear uprising of Australians.

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