Australia Reducing International Arrival Numbers

The Australian Prime Minister has announced new rules for international arrivals, from January 2021.

Mr Morrison said there will be reduced caps on international travellers entering Australia.

The revised number of permitted arrivals per week are:

  • NSW – 1,505 arrivals
  • Western Australia – 512 arrivals
  • Queensland – 500 arrivals
  • Victoria – no change
  • South Australia – 490 no change

The reduction is due to the increase in the numbers of those arriving into Australia with the COVID virus.

An example of this is the total COVID cases in Queensland, with 75% of these being International arrivals.

One of these, while in quarantine, passed the virus onto a worker in the quarantine hotel,  who then passed it on to another local.

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This caused an almost immediate lockdown in the Brisbane area.

When the same happened in Victoria in 2020, the resulting cases and deaths were very high.  This caused Victoria to stop ALL overseas arrivals into that State.

Western Australia has reduced to 512, down from 1,025 per week.

The allowed arrivals in November were:

  • 2,950 passenger arrivals per week into Sydney, NSW.
  • 1,025 passengers per week into Perth, WA.
  • 1,000 passengers per week into Brisbane, QLD.
  • 600 arrivals per week into Adelaide, SA.
  • 500 arrivals per fortnight in Darwin, NT


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