Registered Relationships in Victoria

Register a Relationship in Victoria.

You can apply to register a domestic relationship in Victoria if you are a couple, both at least 18 years old and at least one can provide evidence of living in Victoria.

Both of you need to take part in registering the relationship:

  • Partner 1
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Registered Relationships in South Australia

South Australian Couples, of either Sex, can Register a Relationship in their State.

You can register your relationship in South Australia, if you are :

  • both 18 years of age or older, and
  • are in a relationship with another person as a couple, irrespective of their sex or gender identity,
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Australian Statutory Declaration while Overseas.

Who can sign an Australian Statutory Declaration while overseas?

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) provides notarial services overseas, through Australian embassies and consulates.

Before using a notary public overseas, you should check the person has been appointed by a government to witness documents.

Who can witness

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Mobile Phone Ban Immigration Detention

What exactly is the Ban on Mobile Phones for those in Immigration Detention?

Criminals that are awaiting deportation are allowed to keep mobile phones, and use them,  while in immigration detention.

Currently the Australian Border Force (ABF) does not have the power to confiscate items like mobile phones possessing child … Read the rest

Legal Action against 183 Fire Starters in NSW

183 people cautioned or charged with bushfire incidents.

The NSW police have released a statement about the 183 people who have been cautioned or charged with bushfire rated incidents.

Since Friday 8 November 2019, legal action – which ranges from cautions through to criminal charges – has been taken against … Read the rest

Registering a Relationship in Australia

How to Register a Relationship in Australia.

Registering a Relationship in Australia needs to be done in the State that you live in, or at least one member of the couple lives in.

Each Australian state has its own rules on this.

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Registered Relationship Issues in Australia

How Does a Registered Relationship affect Partners?.

Some couples who live together in Australia, but who choose not to get married, might Register their relationship with their local State Government.  This is common with some couples who are applying for a Partner Visa for one of them to stay permanently … Read the rest