Change from 300 to 309

Transferring from subclass 300 PMV to subclass 309 Partner Visa.

Some couples submit a Prospective Marriage Visa (PMV / subclass 300) as their situation does not warrant a standard Partner visa application (subclass 309 or 820) at the time.

With the recent restrictions on the PMV processing, with very few grants being given, it is understandable that some couples have got tired with the long wait.

A few have chosen to get married, and have the application switched to the 309, based on being married. This has worked well for some, having been able to then get an exemption to travel to Australia, and wait for the grant whilst onshore in Australia.

That actually gives a great advantage, to those eligible, as it means there is no further visa payment required.

It is important to check that you are eligible for the 309, before proceeding that way.

You don’t really want to run the risk of a refusal, losing your application fee.

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With subclass 300 visas now appearing to be being granted again,  the necessity to change your plans and marry early, may not be needed.

However,  there are still no guarantees of a quick grant.

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