Australian Visa Processing and COVID-19 Coronavirus

Visa Processing Times and the Coronavirus.

Many countries around the world are imposing various levels of Bans, Quarantine or Isolation processes to try to keep the rate of the COVID-19 Coronavirus down in their country.

Australia is no exception.  It has recently implemented a 14 day isolation period from entry, which means that someone arriving for a 14 day holiday only gets to see the inside of their hotel room, before flying back.

That is intended to result in fewer people arriving.

Common Sense tells us that if a country wishes to restrict the flow of the virus into the country, it must restrict the flow of people into the country, from overseas.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to NOT issue visas for entry.

I have not seen any official news on this, but I would assume that the issue of a final grant would be pointless at the moment, if the intention is to avoid  more people entering Australia than is necessary.

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A common sense approach would be to continue processing visa applications, but hold the final grant until the time comes that it is safe to allow entry from the rest of the world again.

This may allow Immigration time to concentrate on visa grants for those already in Australia, such as the 2nd stage partner visas (subclass 100 and 801).

If you are waiting for a visa grant, it might be worth considering the above possibility, and being patient until the virus situation dies down.

Keep updating your application, whenever you can, with new relationship proofs (for partner visas) or anything else relevant for other applications.

And hope for the best..


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