Visitor Visa Arrivals 2019-2021

Australian Temporary Visitor Visas Arrivals.

Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed in Australia, the numbers of people actually arriving in the country has dropped dramatically.

The Australian Government began to place travel restrictions on those travelling to Australia from 1st February 2020.

The following chart shows an idea of … Read the rest

Visitor Visa – What is the Must Not Arrive After date?

Each Visitor Visa will have a “Must Not Arrive After” date.

Some people think this is the Visa Expiry Date, especially when they check it on VEVO, and do not see a visa expiry date, just the “Must Not Arrive After” date, which they assume is the expiry … Read the rest

Visitor Visas Processing Times

Processing Times for Australian Visitor Visas.

Visitor Visa Processing Times can be affected by various factors, including the nationality of the applicant, the quality of the application, missing information, various checks taking longer than normal, etc.

Processing times for Visitor Visas are also affected by the type of Visitor Visa … Read the rest

Australian Visa Processing and COVID-19 Coronavirus

Visa Processing Times and the Coronavirus.

Many countries around the world are imposing various levels of Bans, Quarantine or Isolation processes to try to keep the rate of the COVID-19 Coronavirus down in their country.

Australia is no exception.  It has recently implemented a 14 day isolation period from entry, … Read the rest

Does an Overstay Cancel a Multiple Entry Visitor Visa?

Can an Overstay cancel an Australian Multiple Entry Visitor Visa?.

An Australian Multiple Entry Visitor Visa normally allows a few entries into Australia on that one single visa, as long as the last entry is before the “Must Enter Before Date”.

However, each entry might have a maximum time permitted. … Read the rest

Australian Visitor Visa Refusal rates: China 2018-19

Visitor Visa subclass 600 Refusal rates from China in 2018-19.

During the 2018-19 financial year there were 1,024,540 subclass 600 visitor visa applications made by Chinese applicants. 86,404 of these were refused. A refusal rate of 8.43%.

Applications from some Chinese Provinces had much higher refusal rates, with the highest … Read the rest

Visitor Visa Processing Times Sept 2019

Subclass 600 Visitor Visa Processing Times.

Processing Times in September 2019 were:

  • Tourist Stream: 75% finalised in 19 days or less, 10% took over 26 days.
  • Sponsored Family Stream: 75% finalised in 21 days or less, 10% took over 36 days.
  • Frequent Traveller stream: 75% finalised in 6 days or
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Australian Visitor Visa Rejection Rate

90,000 Visitor Visas to Australia Rejected in a single year.

The above heading is from a 2016 news report.  90,000 sounds like a lot of Visa rejections, at first glance. But how bad is it really ?

That figure of 90,000 came from a calculation based on the Dec 2014 … Read the rest

Visitor Visa Grant Rates by Country April to June 2018

Visitor Visa Grant Rates by Country 2017-2018.

Visitor Visa grant rates vary depending on a few different factors.

The main factor is the country of origin, and the experiences of overstay and illegal working rates of nationals from those countries.  The higher the rate of illegal use of a visa, … Read the rest