Visitor Visa Grant comparison 2019 to 2021

Visitor Visa Grant comparison 2019-20 and 2020-21

Information from the BR0112 Visitor Visa Program Report year ended 30 June 2021, shows the following grant numbers:

Tourist Visitor visa Grants:
2019-20: 4,056,603
2020-21: 167,576.

Sponsored Family Visitor visa Grants:
2019-20: 27,709
2020-21: 917

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Visitor Visa Grant Numbers, before and during COVID-19.

Number of Tourist Visitor visa grants July to December 2019 and 2020.

There were forty three times as many Tourist Visitor visa grants in the last half of 2019 (before COVID), as there were in the last half of 2020 (during COVID).

  • 2,825,297 Tourist Visitor visas were granted between July
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Visitor Visa Processing Times, before and during COVID-19.

Visitor Visa Processing Times, Oct-Dec 2019 (before COVID-19) and Oct-Dec 2020 (during COVID-19).

Some Visitor Visas have still been granted during the COVID-19 restrictions, however, the processing times have become longer for most countries.

On average the processing times are about 13 times as long as before.

Some examples:

Median … Read the rest

Travelling to Australia on a One Way Ticket

Can I travel to Australia on a one way ticket?

There is no requirement to have a return ticket when you arrive in Australia.

However,  some countries will not let you leave their country, on a flight to Australia, without a return ticket, if you are travelling on a temporary … Read the rest

Visitor Visa applications lodged Offshore April 2020 to March 2021

Visitor visa (Subclass 600) applications lodged from overseas between April 2020 and March 2021.

A total of 36,998 subclass 600 Visitor visa applications were lodged, with 9,189 granted.

  • 3,872 Visitor Sponsored Family were lodged, with 780 granted (20%).
  • 33,126 Tourist were lodged, with 8,409 granted (25%).
Visitor visa (Subclass 600)
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Subclass 600 Visas Lodged and Granted in 2020

Subclass 600 visas: Lodged, Granted and Refused from January 2020.

The numbers of subclass 600 visas granted in 2020, varied between 4,637 and 151,813 per month during the year.

The number of refusals varied between 660 and 30,650 per month.

Month Lodged Finalised Granted Withdrawn Refused
Jan 2020 153,109 183,678
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Visitor Visa Arrivals 2019-2021

Australian Temporary Visitor Visas Arrivals.

Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed in Australia, the numbers of people actually arriving in the country has dropped dramatically.

The Australian Government began to place travel restrictions on those travelling to Australia from 1st February 2020.

The following chart shows an idea of … Read the rest

Do Italian passport holders need a visa for Australia?

Can an Italian passport holder enter Australia without a visa?

I have read many times, on various forums and websites, statements such as “Italian citizens are not required to apply for a visa if they travel to Australia.”  Some mention other nationalities, other than Italian.

However, the people … Read the rest

Foreign Citizen Working in Australia on a Tourist visa?

Can a Foreign passport holder work in Australia on a Tourist visa?

Part of the conditions of the normal Visitor Visa is where it mentions you can come to Australia for Tourist or Business purposes.

Some people say that the bit that mention “Business purposes” means you CAN … Read the rest

Australian Visitor Visa Grants by Country

Visitor Visa Grants in 2019-20.

In 2019-20 there were 4,056,603 visitor visas granted to enter Australia.

The main nationalities were:

544,817 People’s Republic of China
479,662 United Kingdom
455,029 United States of America
317,479 Japan
222,785 India
213,531 Malaysia
189,910 Republic of Korea
154,285 Singapore
139,411 Germany
124,438 Hong Kong… Read the rest