Australian Partner Visas in the PipeLine

How many Partner Visa Applicants are still waiting?.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of offshore visa applications to be delayed, some by a considerable time.

The Immigration department has now released the number of applicants that are waiting for their applications to be processed.

As at the 30th September 2020, there were:

  • 29,811 people waiting for a 309 Provisional Partner visa to be finalised.
  • 62,440 people waiting for an 820 Temporary Partner visa to be finalised.


  • 46,636 people waiting for a 100 Permanent Partner visa to be finalised.
  • 84,655 people waiting for an 801 Permanent Partner visa to be finalised.

The above numbers include primary and secondary applicants.

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Update 10 Nov 2020:

Regarding the subclass 300 (PMV), these figures were not available, but I would estimate at about 5,700. It was 3,764 at the end of June 2019.

Update 25 Feb 2021:

Official figures now show there were  5,475 subclass 300 applications in the pipeline at 30 Sept 2020. Partner-visa-pipelines-for-applications-onhand

You can see the calculations at the bottom of this page: Subclass 300 Visas Granted in 2020

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