Australian Partner Visas in the PipeLine

How many Partner Visa Applicants are still waiting?.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of offshore visa applications to be delayed, some by a considerable time.

The Immigration department has now released the number of applicants that are waiting for their applications to be processed.

As at the 30th … Read the rest

Australian Immigration: Family Stream Visa Statistics

Family Stream Visas issued each year from 1983.

The Family Stream category of Visas issued is split into:

  • Partner Visa
  • Contributory Parent
  • Non-Contributory Parent
  • Other Family
  • Child (In some years the Child Visas were in addition to the number of grants below)

Total numbers of Family Stream Visas … Read the rest

Australian Citizenship Statistics 2019-20

Australian Citizenship by Conferral 2019-20.

204,817 grants of Australian Citizenship by Conferral were issued in the 2019-20 year.

This is the largest annual number of grants ever.

Citizenship Queue Numbers.

These were the numbers of applicants waiting for the outcome of their citizenship application, during the last 3 years.

244,765 … Read the rest

Overseas Arrivals into Australia June 2020 and 2019

In June 2020 it is estimated that there were 25,800 overseas arrivals into Australia, of which 14,100 were by Australian citizens.  This means that 11,700 arrivals were from foreign nationals, holders of various visas, including Permanent Resident Visas.

In comparison to the year before, there were 1,562,990 overseas arrivals into … Read the rest

Australian Permanent Visa Grant Statistics to 2017-18

There were 162,417 Permanent Visa Grants in 2017-18..

The 2017/18 Permanent Visa grants have dropped to 162,417 from the 2016-17 figure of 183,608.

There has also been a 46 per cent increase in visa refusals, while skilled migrant numbers dropped by more than 12,000 (about 10%), and the family stream … Read the rest

Australian Permanent Visa Grant Statistics to 2016-17

Australian Permanent Immigration Statistics Per Year.

Australian Permanent Immigration during 2016-17.

There were 183,608 Permanent Visa Grants in 2016-17

123,567 were for Skilled Visas
47,825 were for Partner Visas
6,218 were for Contributory Parent Visas
1,345 were for Non Contributory Parent Visas
3,400 were for Child Visas
832 were for … Read the rest

Partner Visa Applications and Grants 2012-13 to 2016-17

Partner Visa Applications and Grants 2012-13 to 2016-17.

According to Immigration Data Releases 2012-13 to 2016-17

70,123 Partner Visa applications were made in 2012-13
46,325 Partner Visas were granted in 2012-13
57,870 partner Visa applications remain in the pipeline at June 2013

64,907 Partner Visa applications were made in 2013-14… Read the rest

Population of Queensland 2009

The population of Queensland has been growing by an average of 2,167 new residents each week, for the 12 months ended 31st March 2009, with a population of about 4,380,400 at that date.

The growth has been attributed to:

  • 46.7% overseas migration
  • 35.6% natural increase
  • 17.7% interstate migration

The Queensland … Read the rest

Statistics Overseas Born Australian Population


July 28, 2008

Over one quarter of Australians were born overseas

Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today reveal 5.5 million migrants from over 200 countries living in Australia were born overseas, as at June 2008.

People born in the United Kingdom … Read the rest