Partner Visa Refusals

Partner Visa Refusals are NOT uncommon.

I came across an interesting figure for Partner Visa refusals, for 2015-16 and 2016-17, where it was stated that about 50% of Partner Visa applications, where the applicant did the application themselves, were refused during those years. 53.8% in 2015-16 and 47% in 2016-17.

That seemed very high to me, so I checked the official figures from a Freedom of Information report.  This report showed the following numbers of Partner Visa Refusals in 2015-16 and 2016-17.

16,361 applications were refused in 2015-16
13,170 applications were refused in 2016-17

Those refusals should be compared to the number of Applications in those years:

47,967 Applications in 2015-16
47,017 Applications in 2016-17

The numbers did actually come very close to 50% of the DIY Applications.

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Reasons for Partner Visa Refusals.

The most common reason for visa refusals is failing to provide enough, and the right kind of, evidence with your application.

Fake documentation is another major cause of a visa rejection. It is also a cause of delays in some applications, where a specific country may have more fake documentation that others, and cause extra checks for everyone from that area.

Not replying to documentation requests in time, is another cause of refusals.
Under Migration law a visa application can be determined based on your submissions with the application. They do not need to request any further evidence from you. They can reject an application even for missing Police Checks, or Medicals, if they wish to. Most times they will ask, but if your application is borderline, they can choose to reject if some requirements have not yet been uploaded.

A visa application can also be rejected for criminal history or health problems.

Visa applications can also be rejected if the sponsor has already sponsored two applicants during their lifetime, or if a second application is decided within 5 years of a previous application.

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