How accurate is the News on Immigration?

Is Everything we Read in the News Accurate?.

A news article today says that the processing time for the subclass 309 offshore partner visa takes over 2 years for 90% of applicants.

Their actual wording is

The application fee starts from about $7,700 and the processing time for 90 per cent of applications is just over two years, according to the Department of Home Affairs..

However the Department of Home Affairs actually say that 75% were processed in under 18 months in August 2020, and that was the worst month this year. 75% were processed in under 13 or 14 months in earlier months this year.

The official figures actually show that only 10% took over 26 months in August 2020.
In previous months the slowest 10% was between over 17 and over 22 months.

To give an idea of what they mean when they say UNDER 13 months, during the 2018/19 year, when 75% took under 13 months, the average was actually 10.6 months.

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Processing times vary by country, but very few take over 2 years, contrary to that report that says 90 per cent do.

During the first 10 months of 2020/21, some examples of median processing times, supplied by the Department of Home Affairs were:

New Delhi processed 1,898 Subclass 309 visas, and the median processing time was 401 days. 12.9 months.

The median means that half took UNDER that time.

Islamabad processed 787 Subclass 309 visas, and the median processing time was 417 days. 13.7 months.

Beirut processed 798 Subclass 309 visas, and the median processing time was 341 days. 11.2 months.

The 2 years that the article says that 90% took, is 24 months, or 730 days.

I looked for the slowest embassy times and came up with…

Dubai who processed 381 Subclass 309 visas, and the median processing time was 660 days. 21.6 months.

I would guess that only about 10% of all subclass 309 visas took over 2 years, not 90%.

The FOI link for these figures can be seen at subclass 309 visa processing times in 2020

The article in question showing over the 2 years processing time for 90% is..
90 per cent of visas take over 2 years

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