Australian Partner Visa Fees 2022

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Partner Visa Fees July 2022

Australian visa application fees often change every July, at the start of the Australian Financial Year.

The changes are normally mentioned in the budget.

These are the changes recently notified, with the 2021/22 application fee first, then the new 2022/23 price.

Partner Visa Fees increase 1 July 2022.

Main Applicant
Subclass 300 from $7,850 to $8,085.
Subclass 309/100 from $7,850 to $8,085.
Subclass 820/801 from $7,850 to $8,085.

Additional applicants 18 and over:
From $3,930 to $4,045.

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Additional applicants under 18:
From $1,965 to $2,025


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