How Fast is an Australian Partner Visa Processed ?

How long does it take for an Australian Partner Visa to be processed?.

That is a common thought by the thousands of people who apply for a Partner Visa in Australia.  (Yes, Thousands, see bottom of page:)

I hear people asking why these visas can’t be done in order of application, rather than however they are done currently.

One answer might be that some are more deserving than others, another answer might be that some people do not complete the application correctly and it takes time to get all the requirements lodged.

But, how long will it take, is the important question.

The simple answer is: Somewhere between 2 months and 3, 4 or 5 years, or maybe more…

Not much of answer is it..  No help at all, in fact.

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So, why the difference?

Here is an example, or two:

    1. One applicant, married to the Australian Citizen Sponsor, with a provable marriage style relationship for 9 years, and submitting a perfect application with all documentation required (Front Loaded application): The processing time was 2.6 months from first application to the grant of Permanent Resident.
    2. Another, not yet married to the Australian Citizen Sponsor, and with only 10 months relationship in total, and not everything was included in the initial application (requiring a Migration Officer to eventually request more information), took 3 years and 8 months processing from first application to the grant of Permanent Resident.

Why can’t the partner visas be done in order of application?.

Would it really be fair to the first one above, who did everything correctly and has a proven very long relationship, to have to wait for the second example, where they didn’t complete the application correctly, nor did they have a proven relationship for anywhere near as long.

Thousands of people apply for a Partner Visa in Australia.

In 2017-18 there were 39,799 partner visas issued, from the total 47,732 visas issued in the Family stream .

In 2016-17 there were 84,531 applications for the Family stream visas.

With 84,531 applications and only 47,732 visa grants available in the year, some of the have to be held back to the next year.  That becomes another delay, most commonly affecting those applications that are not 100% correct at time of application.

Australian Visa Processing Times – more at: australian-visa-processing-times

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