Australian Partner Visa Fees 2022-23

How much does an Australian Partner Visa cost?

A partner visa application is not cheap in Australia. Some say it is one of the most expensive in the world.

2022/23 Australian Partner Visa Fees.

subclass 820/801: $8,085.
subclass 309/100: $8,085.

2022/23 Australian Prospective Marriage Visa Fees.

Subclass 300: $8,085.
followed by
Subclass 820/801: $1,350.

The benefits that an Australian Partner Visa gives:

1: They get to live in Australia.
2: They get free Medical care.
3: They get free English Lessons.

Not really free though, as they paid for it in that visa application cost.

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4: They get subsidised education.
I saw one TAFE course that was $6,820 for the Full fee, but subsidised to $600 for a person on a permanent partner visa.
5: There maybe more advantages.

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