COVID-19 Partner Visa -v- PMV Entry Requirements.

The COVID-19 coronavirus has caused Australia, along with many other countries, to ban entry to the country for anyone other than citizens or permanent residents.

There are exemptions, which allow the partner and children of an Australian citizen or permanent resident, who holds a visa, to also enter the country.

A provisional partner visa holder (subclass 309) is automatically allowed to enter Australia, in the same way that a Permanent visa holder can. (I guess that a provisional  visa is classed as slightly different to a temporary visa for this.)

A provisional Partner visa holder (subclass 309) has normally proven either marriage or a 12 months marriage like relationship, (defacto).

The wording used on the Immigration website is:

Permanent residents and Provisional family visa holders can enter Australia.

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A PMV holder (subclass 300) is NOT a partner visa holder, it is a Temporary visa.

However a PMV holder is allowed to apply for an exemption to the ban, and some will be granted entry. This exemption must be applied for before travel.

Some have asked why the PMV holder cannot also be given automatic entry, as they are also partners.

There is actually a logical reason.

Some PMV holders have been in a full relationship for a long time, many living together for some time. These should get the exemption with no real issues.

Some, at the other end of the spectrum, may have only spent a few days together, and have not spent time in a marriage like relationship. These may have difficulty in proving their reason to be exempted.

(This page has had some updates in April 2021)

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