subclass 309 Visa Processing Times in 2020 by Processing Office

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Subclass 309 Processing times in 2019/20 by Processing office.

Average processing times for subclass 309 visas by processing office for 2019-2020, up to April 2020.

Processing Office – 50th Percentile (Median)

Subclass 309 Processed Offshore:

Amman 638 days
Ankara 171 days
Auckland 1,672 days
Bangkok 355 days
Beijing 354 days
Beirut 294 days
Belgrade 308.5 days
Berlin 255 days
Brasilia 337.5 days
Cairo 175 days
Colombo 482.5 days
Dili 415 days
Dubai 541 days
Guangzhou 395 days
Ho Chi Minh City 373 days
Hong Kong 265 days
Islamabad 368 days
Jakarta 343.5 days
Kuala Lumpur 291 days
London 296 days
Manila 603 days
Nairobi 377 days
New Delhi 376 days
Ottawa 232 days
Phnom Penh 302 days
Pretoria 576 days
Santiago 294 days
Seoul 297 days
Singapore 153 days
Suva 230 days
Tel Aviv 247.5 days
Washington 348 days
Yangon 532 days.

Subclass 309 Processed Onshore:

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Brisbane 327 days
Melbourne 1,262 days
National Office 410 days
Sydney 573 days

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