Subclass 309 Visa Grants and Refusals 2018-19

Partner Visa (subclass 309) Grants and Refusals 2018-19.

During the 2018-2019 year there were 18,390 subclass 309 first stage offshore partner visa applications finalised.

86.9% of these were granted.
10.5% were refused.

Actual numbers of 2018-19 subclass 309 Finalisations.

  • Total finalisations 18,390
  • Grants 15,991
  • Refusals 1,934
  • Withdrawals 465

2.5% of the finalisations were withdrawals. A relatively low number.

2018-19 PMV and Partner visa Grants and Refusals.

2018-19 Partner Visa Grants and Refusals

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