72,300 Partner Visas Allocated for 2020-21

Massive Allocation of Partner Visas in 2020-21.

The allocation for family visas will be 77,300 places in 2020-21.
The allocation last year was 47,732 places.

From that, the allocation for partner visas will be 72,300, an increase from the 39,799 last year.

That allows for an extra 32,501 Partner visas to be available in the year.

The numbers allocated are different to the actual numbers granted.

The budget however, has stated that onshore visas (820/801) will be prioritised. This is mainly due to the continuing travel restrictions.

This is not necessarily good news for offshore partner visa applications 309/100 and the PMV300.

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However, Immigration minister Alan Tudge has stated that he still expects that 25% of partner visas will go to offshore applications. That would be about 18,000 to offshore and 54,000 to onshore applications.

These travel restrictions are expected to continue until late 2021.

“Australia’s borders will remain closed until late 2021”

“Until a vaccine is developed and widely deployed, significant uncertainty remains.”

Source: minister.homeaffairs.gov.au

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