Bank Accounts for Australian Partner Visa

Part of the relationship proof, to be supplied as evidence for an Australian Partner visa application, are the Bank Account Statements.

This comes under the section relating to “Joint Finances”.

A common question from some applicants relates to Joint Bank accounts or separate bank accounts. Many ask if a joint account is needed.

I have seen visas being granted for applicants under these categories:

  • No joint account, applicant and sponsor have separate accounts.
  • Applicant and Sponsor have separate accounts, and a joint account.
  • Applicant and Sponsor only have a joint account.
  • Applicant did not have a bank account, only the sponsor had one.

From that it can be seen that the issue of bank account types is not overly relevant.

What is vital is the sharing of finances.

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That can sometimes mean that one partner shares their income/finances with the other.

I have seen questions where the applicant has no income, and is worried that they have nothing to share. That can actually be quite normal for some couples, but as far as immigration are concerned, it seems that if the one that has the income proves they share it with the other, then the “sharing of finances” issue is covered by that.

Money transfers, between the two,  is one way of showing this.

Another way is showing a single bank statement, with a declaration saying that all money is shared, through just one bank account,  whether joint or single.

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