Australian Migration Agents Fees.

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How much does a Migration Agent charge?

I have recently seen migration agents fees quoted for the 820 and 801 onshore partner visa.

Migration Lawyer:

  • Stage 1, subclass 820: about $4,400
  • Stage 2, subclass 801: about $2,200

Registered Migration Agent:

  • Stage 1, subclass 820: about $2,750
  • Stage 1&2, subclasses 820 & 801: about $3,150 combined.

These fees do NOT include the government application fees of almost $8,000 for the partner visa.

A Migration Agent registered with MARA, is regulated by the Australian government.

A Migration Lawyer generally has more legal knowledge for the unusually complicated immigration cases.

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The fees, that a Migration Agent could charge, might vary from their normal fees if an applicants situation is unusually different.

If using a Migration Agent, please ensure you use a genuine one.

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