Getting Married before PMV 300 Visa is Granted

Marriage while waiting for PMV 300 to be Granted.

The Subclass 300, Prospective Marriage visa, allows you come to Australia to marry your prospective spouse and then apply for a Partner visa.

You are supposed to wait until the 300 visa is granted, and then enter Australia, BEFORE getting married.

However, what happens if you get married while waiting for that visa?

It seems that you transfer to the subclass 309 Offshore Partner Visa, according to this:

Change from subclass 300 to subclass 309 visa.

Change from 300 to 309 Visa

Note this section “When you notify us of your marriage, you should also let us know you want to withdraw your Prospective Marriage visa application. If you don’t withdraw your application, we will refuse it as you no longer meet the visa criteria.

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It seems there might be an advantage in this, as doing it that way, means that there is NO additional application fee, as there would be in the normal 300-820-801 route.

But, do you have sufficient evidence for the 309 visa?

The time of application will remain at the same date as the original  subclass 300 application.  Are your original relationship proofs sufficient to cover the different subclass 309 requirements?

That raises the question, if they are sufficient, why did you go for the 300 route and not the 309 originally?

But, I know that some people do switch from the 300 to a 309 successfully.

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