2 million vaccinations and 24 blood clots.

How safe is the COVID vaccine?

About 2.1 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine have so far been administered in Australia and, according to a report from the Therapeutic Goods Administration, 24 cases of blood clots have been linked to the vaccines — with three of those still under investigation.

But the TGA said all confirmed and probable cases of TTS so far (with the exception of the fatality of a 48-year-old woman from NSW) are recovering and stable.

How safe is the COVID vaccine?

It seems safe enough to me, and I had no reactions to my first shot of AstraZeneca.

The above figures show that 1 in 87,500 might get a blood clot after getting the vaccine.

The risk of the blood clots from the vaccine is far lower than the risk of clots among people taking the contraceptive pill (one in 2,000) or travelling on planes (one in 4,656 flights lasting over four hours).

In fact, up to 30% of people who have COVID-19 will get thrombocytopenia, making the risk from the virus much higher, according to Professor Munir Pirmohamed, chair of the UK’s Committee of Human Medicines.

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Diabetes and Blood Clots.

With the death of the woman in NSW having diabetes, there was concern about Blood Clots and Diabetes, especially as a US report from heart.org states that nearly 80 percent of people who have diabetes will eventually die of clot-related causes.

However, Diabetes Australia state that there is no evidence people living with diabetes were of an elevated risk of developing the rare type of blood clots associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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