2021-22 Migration Program Outcomes.

2021-22 Migration Program Outcomes.

The 2021-22 Australian Immigration program (1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022) was originally set with the total places available being capped at a ceiling of 160,000 for the year.

The final number of grants eventually came out at 143,556, with 89,063 from the skilled stream, 51,288 in the family stream, 198 places in the Special Eligibility stream and 3,006 in the Child stream.

Granted Stream and Category Planned
Skill Stream
26,103 Employer Sponsored
5,864 Skilled Independent
3,123 – Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional
15,055 – Skilled Work Regional
45 – Skilled Regional
18,223 Total Regional
19,376 State/Territory Nominated
10,496 Business Innovation and Investment
8,776 Global Talent
225 Distinguished Talent
86,063 Skill Total
Family Stream
46,288 Partner
3,600 Parent – Contributory
900 Parent Non – Contributory
4,500 Total Parent
500 Other Family
51,288 Family Total
199 Special Eligibility
3006 Child
143,556 Total Migration Program 2021-22
2021-22 Humanitarian Program

This report does not include data on the permanent Humanitarian Program.

Two-Stage Visas

The Skill and Family streams include ‘two-stage’ visas, which provide a permanent residence pathway for visa holders from a provisional or ‘first stage’ visa to a permanent or ‘second stage’ visa.
While such pathways involve the grant of two visas, to avoid double counting, the visa holder is counted to the Migration Program at grant of the provisional or ‘first stage’ visa only.

With Partner Visas, this means counting the grant of the 309 or 820 as the statistic used for permanent migration numbers.

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Top Ten Source Countries in 2021-22

The top ten source citizenship countries of migrants in 2021-22 accounted for 89,556 places. This was 62.4% of the total, and these were the nationalities:

  • India with 24,324 places
  • China with 18,240 places
  • United Kingdom with 9,584 places
  • Philippines with 8,591 places
  • Nepal with 6,628 places
  • Vietnam with 6,492 places
  • New Zealand with 4,421 places
  • Hong Kong with 4,237 places
  • Pakistan with 3,734 places
  • South Africa with 3,305 places
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