Australian Visa Processing Times March 2021

These are the Australian Visa Processing Times, shown by the Department of Home affairs, for visas finalised in March 2021.

Last updated: 19 April 2021 (for month ending March 2021)

Australian Visa Processing Times March 2021

Visa75% took under10% took over
10017 months21 months
10120 months27 months
10216 months27 months
11742 months51 months
12420 months23 months
132 Significant Business History30 months32 months
132 Venture Capital Entrepreneurn/an/a
15583 days3 months
1574 months4 months
186 Direct Entry Pathway5 months11 months
186 Agreement Pathway5 months9 months
186 Transition Pathway13 months17 months
187 Direct Entry Pathway31 months38 months
187 Transition Pathway6 months12 months
188 Business Innovation30 months33 months
188 Investor30 months32 months
188 Significant Investor17 months23 months
188 Premium Investorn/an/a
188 Entrepreneurn/an/a
188 Business Innovation Extension15 months17 months
188 Significant Investor Extension15 months17 months
189 Points-Tested12 months18 months
189 New Zealand15 months17 months
19012 months14 months
30022 months30 months
30922 months24 months
40012 days25 days
403 Government Agreement42 days66 days
403 Foreign Government Agency65 Days7 months
403 Domestic Worker (Diplomatic or Consular)n/an/a
403 Seasonal Worker Program8 days11 days
403 Privileges and Immunitiesn/an/a
403 Pacific Labour Scheme7 days10 days
40713 months14 months
408 Entertainment Activities20 days41 days
408 Research Activities6 months23 months
408 Religious Work8 months9 months
408 Special Programs73 Days3 months
408 Invited for Other Social and Cultural Activityn/an/a
408 Australian Government Endorsed Events5 months6 months
408 Exchange Arrangementsn/an/a
408 Superyacht Crew24 days78 days
408 Domestic Work for Executivesn/an/a
408 Sporting Activities44 days4 months
41781 days3 months
46132 months36 months
46284 days4 months
47614 months17 months
482 Short-term7 months11 months
482 Medium-term5 months9 months
482 Labour Agreement7 months11 months
482 Sponsorship11 days42 days
482 Nomination5 months9 months
485 Graduate Work8 months12 months
485 Post-Study Work6 months7 months
48917 months23 months
491 State/Territory Government Nominated Regional10 months12 months
491 Family Sponsored Regional11 months12 months
494 Employer Sponsored3 months5 months
494 Labour Agreementn/an/a
500 Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector76 days4 months
500 Postgraduate Research Sector4 months12 months
500 Independent ELICOS Sector3 months5 months
500 Schools Sector5 months7 months
500 Vocational Education and Training Sector4 months6 months
500 Higher Education Sector69 days4 months
500 Non-Award Sector5 months10 months
5904 months7 months
600 Tourist5 months10 months
600 Sponsored Family7 months12 months
600 Business Visitor4 days9 days
600 APEC Business Visitor7 months7 months
60235 days59 days
65142 days5 months
77117 days54 days
80113 months21 months
82024 months27 months
858 Distinguished Talent Pathway17 months20 months
858 Global Talent Pathway65 days88 days
870 Sponsorship53 days69 days
8704 months5 months
88715 months23 months
888 Business Innovation20 months22 months
888 Investor20 months24 months
888 Premium Investorn/an/a
888 Significant Investor23 months24 months
888 Entrepreneurn/an/a
89226 months31 months
9882 days5 days
Last updated: 19 April 2021 (for month ending March 2021) N/A indicates that insufficient visas were finalised to produce meaningful statistics. Probably under 5.


Where it says 75% or 90% of Visas Processed, it shows a time in days or months which relate to these examples:

  • 75% Processed 20 months = 75% of the visas in that month were finalised in 20 months or less. Visas processed in 3 or 4 months would be included in “under 20 months“.
  • 90% Processed 24 months = 90% of the visas in that month were finalised in 24 months or less. This leaves 10% that took over 24 months.

Therefore 75% were finalised in 1 to 20 months, 15% took between 20 and 24 months, and 10% took over 24 months.

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