Cost of Petrol in Australia, March-April 2021

Petrol costs in Australia can often be considered quite expensive, and especially recently for those who do not shop around, it has been very high.
Some petrol stations, the ones that I avoid, have been around $1.50 or more.

During the period 3rd March to 21st April 2021, by selecting where I buy my petrol, the highest I have paid was 1.249 per litre, and the lowest was $1.219. I did not use any of the supermarket 4c per litre fuel discounts on any of these purchases.

During this period I have filled my car on 13 occasions, totalling 423.95 litres of E10 petrol for a cost of $522.84.
That works out at an average of $1.233 per litre.

This page is to remind people to shop around, and don’t get caught by high prices all the time.

If I had just bought at the first petrol station I saw each time, it is likely that I would have paid $636 for my petrol in that period, about $113 more than I actually did.  A saving of $16 per week, to keep my petrol costs at $60 per week..

The RACQ fuel app can help those in Queensland to see where the cheaper petrol is.…/fair-fuel-prices

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This is an example of the fuel price result on my route on 27 Mar 2021.

Petrol Price Example March 2021

I paid $1.227, at a different station on my route.
The Ampol one at $1.679 would have given 4 cents off for a supermarket discount bring it down to $1.639 per litre.
I saved $11.70 on that fill. Not bad for a $34.79 fuel fill up.

That saving bought me 3 packs of 10 Bulla Raspberry Splits, with $1.20 left.

Motoring Fuel Price Check websites:

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