Covid Deaths after full vaccination

Covid Death Rates after full vaccination.

Full Vaccination does not give full cover against Death for everyone.

A new British Medical Journal (BMJ) study found that several health conditions/situations were associated with an increased risk of mortality from Covid-19, even after full vaccination, 14 days after 2 doses.

The study of 6,952,440 vaccinated patients had 5 ,150,310 (74.1%) with two vaccine doses.

Of 2,031 covid-19 deaths, 81 (4.0%) occurred 14 days or more after the second vaccine dose.

The study found that the following following health conditions/situations were associated with higher risks of mortality, as shown.

  • Down’s syndrome (12.7-fold increase)
  • Kidney transplantation (8.1-fold)
  • Sickle cell disease (7.7-fold)
  • Care home residency (4.1-fold)
  • Chemotherapy (4.3-fold)
  • HIV/AIDS (3.3-fold)
  • Liver cirrhosis (3.0-fold)
  • Neurological conditions (2.6-fold)
  • Recent bone marrow transplantation or a solid organ transplantation ever (2.5-fold)
  • Dementia (2.2-fold)
  • Parkinson’s disease (2.2-fold)


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