Email Address for Partner Visa Enquiries

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What is the Email Address for Partner Visa Enquiries?.

Once you have been granted your Temporary or Provisional Australian Partner Visa, you have the remainder of the two year waiting period from the date of your original application for the 820 or 309 visa, before you can submit further details for the Permanent Visa, the 801 or the 100.

Once you have submitted the extra documents for the Permanent visa, subclass 801 or 100, you may have questions that you feel only Immigration can answer.

Where do you send these questions?

The Immigration department have a special form for those questions at their webpage: “Partner (Permanent) Processing Centres Enquiry Form”.
It is very important that you understand this:

    • This service is only to be used to contact the Department in relation to a permanent partner application currently being processed.

The link for this form is at:

Questions asking how long it will take, tend to be ignored, unless your time has exceeded the normal time frames, which they publish every month.  Publishing these times was probably designed to avoid people needing to contact them and asking for that information.

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