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Completing Form 80, signing, scanning and uploading..

Completing the Immigration Character Assessment Form 80, signing it, scanning it and uploading it can be a problem for some, when the file becomes too large for Immigration’s 5mb file size limit.

The actual size of the blank pdf Form 80 is currently 553kb, This can become 1.23Mb after completion. However, if this is printed and then scanned it can often be well over 5Mb.

Has anyone tried this:

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to fill in the form 80.

Then use to split the fill into two sections.

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Pages: 1-16 and saved as Form 80 1-16.pdf (863kb size)
and Pages 17-18 and saved as Form 80 17-18.pdf

Print Form 80 17-18.pdf, sign it and scan it back into the PC.

Then using again, merge the two files:

Form 80 1-16.pdf
Form 80 17-18.pdf back into one file, called Form80_Complete.pdf

This give you a much smaller file with all 18 pages, and signed on page 17, which can be uploaded to Immigration.

There is a limit of 2 files per hour free, using

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