Mandatory Detention in Australia Since 1992

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Some excerpts from an article of Mandatory Detention in Australia.

In 1992, Labor instituted a policy of mandatory detention.

Originally, it was intended as a temporary and exceptional measure for a second wave of Indochinese ??boat people’, mainly from Cambodia, but later was extended to all ??unlawful non-citizens’ for bureaucratic efficiency.

The then Minister for Immigration, Gerry Hand, explained that the government was determined ??that a clear signal be sent that migration to Australia may not be achieved by simply arriving in this country and expecting to be allowed into the community’

In 2012, the Labor government reinvigorated Howard’s ??Pacific Solution’ by opening processing centres in Nauru and PNG. The idea was that the inferior conditions there, lack of legal advice and review mechanisms, and delayed resettlement (around five years) would deter asylum seekers from getting on boats.

A country like Australia should be at the forefront of trying to make it as good as it can be. When we deny humanity to others, we dehumanize ourselves.

Published by Oxford University Press.

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Prime Ministers of the time

Bob Hawke (Labor) – Prime Minister of Australia: 11 March 1983 ?? 20 December 1991
Paul Keating (Labor) – Prime Minister of Australia: 20 December 1991 ?? 11 March 1996
John Howard (Liberal) – Prime Minister of Australia: 11 March 1996 ?? 3 December 2007
Kevin Rudd (Labor) – Prime Minister of Australia: 3 December 2007 ?? 24 June 2010
Julia Gillard (Labor) – Prime Minister of Australia: 24 June 2010 ?? 27 June 2013

Immigration detention in Australia – Parliament of Australia.

It was in 1992 that the policy of mandatory detention was introduced by the Keating Government (with bipartisan support) through the enactment of the Migration Amendment Act 1992.[26] Mandatory detention was initially envisaged as a temporary and ??exceptional’ measure to deal with a particular cohort of ??designated persons’ ??Indochinese unauthorised boat arrivals.

The reasons for Australia’s mandatory detention policy put forward at the outset by immigration minister the Hon. Gerry Hand in 1992 under the Hawke Government are, in essence, the same as those put forward by immigration minister the Hon. Philip Ruddock ten years later under the Howard Government.

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