Novak Djokovic’s visa cancelled again.

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Novak Djokovic’s visa cancellation been confirmed on 16 Jan 2022.

The three judges hearing Novak Djokovic’s second visa appeal have unanimously confirmed the Australian Immigration departments decision to cancel his visa. He will now be deported from Australia, as no further appeal is permitted.

The information below was dated 14 January 2022.

Novak Djokovic’s visa has been cancelled again on 14 Jan 2022.

Following the Federal Circuit and Family Court hearing on 10 January 2022, which reversed the original decision to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa on a technical issue, the Immigration minister has now revoked Novak Djokovic’s visa after carefully considering information provided by the Department of Home Affairs, the Australian Border Force and Mr Djokovic.

Some of the reasons included Australians have made many sacrifices during this pandemic, and they rightly expect the result of those sacrifices to be protected.

This would probably include referring to the many sacrifices made by the Australian people to ensure they were vaccinated before being allowed to do many things.

It would seem wrong to many people to just allow famous people to hold themselves above the law.

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Novak Djokovic may also be facing consequences in both Spain and Serbia on his return.

Two UK newspapers reports are:

Revelations concerning his positive Covid test last month have led Spain’s lawmakers to dig deeper into whether Djokovic broke their travel regulations while visiting Marbella, the Daily Mail reported.

If Djokovic was found to have breached Serbia’s isolation rules, Ms Brnabic said she would have to consult with “relevant authorities, and the medical people who are in charge of implementing these regulations”.

What caused this fiasco?

Tennis Australia gave Djokovic an exemption to play tennis.
Djokovic obtained a visa based on having a medical exemption.

Australian Border Force did not recognise that exemption for immigration purposes, and refused his visa. Unfortunately they did not follow proper procedure.

A court over-ruled Border Force, over that technicality, and ordered his visa reinstated.

The Immigration minister spent a few days, presumably to ensure no more legal technicalities, and revoked his visa again on 14 Jan 2022.

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  2. Djokovic did NOT tell Journalist he was Covid positive…

    Novak Djokovic did not tell the French journalist who interviewed him on December 18 that he had tested positive for the coronavirus just two days earlier.
    Djokovic has publicly admitted that he knew he had the virus on that day.
    The Journalist also stated that he had been instructed not to ask Djokovic any questions about vaccinations.

  3. Acting Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan said that health panels, set up by Tennis Australia and the Victorian government, granted the unvaccinated Djokovic an exemption to play in the Australian Open.

    That was “very much separate from the visa process” and could only assess the eligibility of a medical exemption for unvaccinated players and support staff to take part in the tournament.
    “How people who participate in that event get into the country is a matter for the commonwealth government, who are responsible for issuing visas.”

    Tennis Australia deemed that people who had tested positive to Covid-19 within the past six months, would meet exemption requirements to enter the Australian Open competition.

    Australian Immigration deem that people who had tested positive to Covid-19 within the past six months did NOT meet exemption requirements to enter the country.

    1. Tennis Australia wanted Djokovic to play in the Australian Open.
    2. The Victorian government wanted Djokovic to play in the Australian Open.
    3. The Immigration department had to follow visa rules. Djokovic, being unvaccinated, did not have a medical exemption to allow entry into Australia.

    This is an extract from a letter from Immigration to Tennis Australia dated 29 November 2011:

  4. On Sunday 16th January 2022, the three judges hearing Djokovic’s application to overturn his 2nd visa cancellation, unanimously agreed to dismiss Djokovic’s application, with court costs to be paid by Novak Djokovic.

    His first court hearing, which resulted in his favour on a technical issue, ended up with court costs being paid by Australia.

  5. A statement by a Serbian: “He’s the best in the world and if they can do that to the best tennis player, they can do that to everybody,”

    The current rules are for everyone, Novak wants to be excluded from normal rules.

    Djokovic’s lawyer claims the decision by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke to cancel the visa on Friday 14th January 2022, was “illogical, irrational and unreasonable”, and that the sportsman “was known for his philanthropic efforts”.
    Does this indicate that his lawyer expects him to be treated differently to those that are not philanthropic?

    On 29 November 2021, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt wrote to Tennis Australia chief executive Craig Tiley, saying players wishing to enter Australia quarantine-free must be fully vaccinated and cannot count a previous infection as a reason for exemption.

    On 30 December 2021, Djokovic receives a letter from the Chief Medical Officer of Tennis Australia (TA) stating he has been granted a “medical exemption from COVID vaccination” on the grounds that he had recently recovered from COVID-19.

    If that letter stated that immigration would allow entry, it would have been in contradiction to government instructions.
    The letter appears to be an exemption for him to play Tennis, not specifically to enter Australia.

    If he was vaccinated, or had a different valid medical exemption, his visa would have been valid for entry, with TA allowing him to play, even though most unvaccinated where not permitted to play.

    On the 14th January 2022, the tennis analyst Darren Cahill said that fault lies everywhere here. It’s been a mess. Novak, TA, Vic Gov, Federal Gov. Get vaccinated and come play the Australian Open.

    That was the Federal Government’s position also, as stated to Tennis Australia on 29 November 2021, as mentioned above.

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